Street Support Project

“Homeless people are not the problem,

the situation is.”

The Project

The Street Support Project is built on the idea that each person has the potential to learn and to do something meaningful. Adult learning, work and other activities can play a vital role in this context, as long as it is adapted to the specific needs and living conditions of the target group.

Our main aim is to tackle the situation and problems of homeless people with an inclusive strategy. We will approach the situation with a pro-active, supportive and comprehensive strategy, which is more effective than a repressive approach.

Homeless people are not the problem, the situation is.

We will develop best practices and tools to support your efforts to improve working will homeless people.


Drug- and alcohol-related nuisance is an important policy issue in nearly all smaller, medium-sized and bigger cities. Experience and research has shown that this is a pan-European problem which many local and municipal authorities are struggling to address in an effective manner.

A broad range of participatory interventions and prevention activities have been developed to prevent nuisance among youngsters. Intervention, targeting adults however, are limited and mainly based on repressive and sanctionary acts, including arrests, restraining orders and fines. Less is known about inclusive strategies and adult learning opportunities, which provide daily structure and support to this specific group. Experience shows that strategies, tackling wider economic and social exclusion such as education, training and employment (ETE) can play a vital role in the (re)integration and recovery of homeless people and other marginalised groups [Homelessness and Homeless Policies in Europe: Lessons from Research, 2010].



The main objective of the project is to provide adult learning providers, organisations and local governments with tools and models of good practice, resulting in effective and inclusive adult learning and working opportunities for alcohol- and drug users and reduction of alcohol- and drug related nuisance in the public space.


  • European-wide assessment in the field of homelessness and the alcohol- and drug related nuisance
  • Country reports in 6 European countries, describing the situation in regard to homelessness and alcohol- and drug related nuisance
  • Toolbox for service providers and local governments, including guidance and support for the development and implementation of inclusive adult learning and work integration opportunities
  • Models of good practice within Europe to showcase effective adult learning and work integration opportunities
  • Develop and implement local pilot interventions and validate them with the Self-Sufficiency Matrix (developed by the Municipal Health Service of Amsterdam and the City of Rotterdam) and showcase them as case studies



The project will directly target social services, adult trainers and local governments, which directly work with the final target group. The final target group of this project are homeless people and other marginalised groups, loitering in the street and causing alcohol- or drug-related nuisance.

Project Events

1st meeting

photos and presentations

6 – 7 October 2016.

2nd meeting

photos and presentations

30 – 31 March 2017.

3rd meeting

photos and presentations

2 – 3 October 2017.

4th meeting

photos and presentations

20 – 21 September 2018.


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