Local Pilot Interventions

The Local Pilot Interventions were implemented in 4 European cities – Berlin, Brno, Cork, and Castello – and responded to their specific context and needs. The binding element between the interventions is their focus on social inclusion on the one hand, and public nuisance prevention on the other. To ensure sustainability and impact them, the project partners established networks of cooperation with policy makers, higher educational institution and other social service providers and/or adult trainers.

Czech Republic

In their local intervention, Společnost Podané Ruce focused on the involvement and meaningful participation of people who use drugs with health and social services. Specifically, they supported the creation of a peer group that nowadays counts with six employed participants and a variable number of volunteers. Examples of the activities they implemented are needle patrols, the development and distribution of a city guide for rough sleepers, the organization of leisure programs for other people who use drugs, or the co-creation of new social and health service in the area, such as the “Wet Day Center”.


Fixpunkt, a local NGO in Berlin, developed its local action plan at the Görlitzer Park, a well-known area in which gentrification processes overlap with those of migration, and drug use in public space. As an organization with expertise in community-oriented harm reduction, they developed an intervention that was able to respond to the needs for health and safety of all of the community members in the park: newer and older property owners, migrants experiencing homeless, those who also sell drugs, and the ones who purchase them.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of people experiencing homeless that engage in problematic drug use in Cork. Aiming at supporting this community, Cork Simon’s implemented ‘Safer Saturdays’, a low-threshold initiative offering a range of services which were currently not available, such as needle exchange service, First Aid & Naloxone administration training, or referrals to Housing First, training and employment programmes.


With their local intervention plan, Fundació Salut i Comunitat implemented the first Housing First program in the municipality of Castelló de la Plana. Through this intervention, the Street Support Partner not only was able to support and to contribute to the overall well-being of people experiencing homelessness and/or use drugs or alcohol in public space. As a consequence of this project, the public nuisance was tackled, and the organization could raise awareness of the need to promote social and housing policies for people experiencing residential exclusion.